Frequently Asked Questions


Here is a detailed cost and timeline for each segment of the project.


Cathedral Main Roof  $1,700,000 - (Start on May 1, 2023)

    • Installation of scaffolding around the Church building.
    • Removal of existing NMPD roof and any repairs necessary.
    • Replacement of scupper drains with external downspouts.
    • Installation of rigid foam insulation.
    • Installation of metal roof with 50 years expected effectiveness.


Cathedral Side Chapel Flat Roofs  $425,000 - (Start in Spring 2024)

    • Removal of existing NMPD roof and any repairs necessary installation of sloped rigid foam insulation.
    • Installation of waterproof vinyl roofing


Parish Office/Rectory Flat Roof  $192,000 - (Start in Fall 2024)

  • Installation of scaffolding around the Rectory.
  • Removal of exisiting NMPD roof and any repairs necessary.
  • Rerouting drains from storm sewer to external downspouts.
  • Installation of sloped rigid insulation.
  • Installation of vinyl roofing.



Consultants' Fees - $83,000

  • DSS survey for evidence of asbestos.
  • Architectural drawing and renderings.
  • Assistance with selections of General Contractor and Roofer.
  • Procurement of all permits and proofs of insurance.


Total Project Cost and Campaign Goal - $2,400,000



If you would like to join our group and to be available from time to time to be called upon as a volunteer to help in a variety of ways, please complete this form or call the Parish Office at 622-5389.