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Our ‘Roof’ project has been awarded to RML Contracting Ltd. for the replacement of our main Cathedral Roof.

Now that the documents have been signed, the work is scheduled to begin at the start of next month.


Please Note: Our regular Mass Schedule will continue as usual during the duration of the Construction Project.


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  • Level 1: $500 to $999 will be acknowledged on a separate panel.

  • Level 2: $1,000 to $4,999 will be acknowledged with a unique 7” X 2” plaque.

  • Level 3: $5,000 to $9,999 will be acknowledged with a unique 7” X 3” plaque.

  • Level 4: $10,000 to $24,999 will be acknowledged with a unique 8” X 4 1/2” plaque.

  • Level 5: Donations $25,000 and greater will have a unique 9” X 5 1/2” plaque.



About this Campaign



Our "St. Pat's Needs a Hat" Roof replacement Campaign will be officially launched in September. To prepare for the different activities that are being planned to support this Parish effort, we are inviting our parishioners to add their names to a volunteer pool. If you would like to join our group and to be available from time to time to be called upon as a volunteer to help in a variety of ways, please complete this form or call the Parish Office at 622-5389.



Why Now?


Our roof which is now, almost 60 years old is showing its age and, although various repairs over the decades have ensured its longevity, the time has now come to replace it. Our harsh Thunder Bay winters, our wide temperature variances throughout the year and our relatively wet climate ravage roofs. If left unchecked it can lead to further roof and structural damage to our iconic building. The state-of-the-art rubber membrane that was used to cover the original structure is now rapidly peeling away and blowing off the roof altogether.








What is Our Plan?

  • Two committees have been formed and have been meeting for almost a year: one to develop and oversee the project; the other to initiate, direct and manage the accompanying financial campaign;

  • We have engaged the professional service of the TBT Engineering Ltd in Thunder Bay;

  • Printed and digital materials to inform and support our roof project have been produced and will be widely distributed;

  • Timelines have been tentatively set in place to guide a tiered approach to proceed with the three different levels of the project at different times;

  • We will use modern and effective materials now used for roof construction to preserve beauty and ensure long life.



Start in Spring 2023:
Cathedral Main Roof

  • Installation of scaffolding around the Church building
  • Removal of existing NMPD roof and any repairs necessary
  • Replacement of scupper drains with external downspouts
  • Installation of rigid foam insulation
  • Installation of metal roof with 50 years expected effectiveness

Start in Spring 2024:
Cathedral Side Chapel Flat Roof

  • Removal of existing NMPD and any repairs necessary
  • Installation of sloped rigid foam insulation
  • Installation of waterproof vinyl roofing

Start in Fall 2024:
Parish Office/Rectory Flat Roof

  • Installation of scaffolding around the Rectory
  • Removal of existing NMPD roof and any repairs necessary
  • Rerouting drains from storm sewer to external downspouts
  • Installation of sloped rigid insulation
  • Installation of vinyl roofing